QualLab’s Mission

While healthcare informatics is driven by technology , Quality Informatics is motivated by purpose : use informatics to improve quality. We intend to promote the following ideals in the long term:

  • Access to and adoption of international best practices in information management.
  • Ensure transparency of Outcomes and Costs of healthcare provision.
  • Promote understanding of efficiency and equity within the context of poverty.
  • Create medically meaningful data- assets that are deep enough to change professional ¬†behaviours.
  • Assemble outside -the- box data to establish denominators from population and panel databases.
  • Provide a platform for digital innovation and data entrepreneurship.
  • Encourage adoption of big data analytics.
  • Secure a collaborative space for the theory and development of local case-mix systems.
  • Systematically move the payment system away from volume to value.

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